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2018 Earth for an hour, open my 60+ life

2018 Earth for an hour, open my 60+ life

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How long have we been,

Didn't see the starry sky?

Earth in an hour in 2018,

When we extinguish all the lights,

Looking up at the stars,

What I want to see is...

Still is……

2018 Earth Hour

Theme: Open my 60+ life

Time: 20:30 on the evening of March 24

• Turn off unnecessary lighting in areas such as façades, offices, etc., in response to the “light off for one hour” initiative

• Reduce the brightness of the hotel's public areas, energy saving and environmental protection

• Prepare a candlelit dinner for guests dining in a Western restaurant to create a romantic atmosphere

• In-house guests turn off the lights for an hour, and guests staying at the restaurant on the second floor of the Western Restaurant can enjoy a complimentary macaron dessert.

• Advocate guests to turn off or down the lighting in the room

• Hotel “Disc Action” department appraisal event officially launched

We are very happy to invite you to join the Shenzhen Baocuo International Hotel Earth Hour event change, starting from the little bit of life! Protect the environment from me!

Bao Cube International Hotel 2017 Earth Hour Event

Open 60+ life Earth for an hour,

More than just turning off the lights,

More than just 60 minutes,

Not just an event,

What we hope to bring,

It is a real change throughout the day.

On March 29th, 2017, Baocuo International Hotel kicked off the launching ceremony of “Green Hotel”

In June 2017, it was rated as “Green Hotel” by the Shenzhen Municipal Government’s Green Home Activity Steering Committee.

In January 2018, it was rated as “Green Hotel” by the Guangdong Tourism Star Rating Committee.

Through the development of “green”, the hotel will finely manage the catering and reduce consumption.

The concepts of green procurement and new technologies for energy management and control are integrated into hotel management

What is 60+ life?

60+ life means that it is friendly to the natural environment, beneficial to energy conservation and emission reduction, and helps promote environmental protection and society.

Sustainable green living behavior.

CD action, open 60+ life

You can

Join the ranks of "Disc Activities"

One child dies of hunger every 6 seconds! !

These shocking data

Need us to act together

From March 24th, at the Baocuo International Hotel Staff Restaurant

All the dishes that will be eaten

Actively sent to the tableware recycling window

CD volunteer

After the statistics at the end of the month, the department’s “Disc Pioneer” winner was announced and rewarded.

Of course, there will be corresponding penalties for the implementation of the "leftover men and women".

Reduce plastic, open 60+ life

You can:

Reduce disposable items and open 60+ lives

You can:

Green consumption, open 60+ life

You can:

Green travel, open 60+ life

You can:

Resource recycling, open 60+ life

You can:

March 24th 20:30 Earth One hour Open our 60+ life, wait for you to join!