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Practicing the spirit of the 19th National Congress, Bao Cube International Hotel held 119 fire drills

Practicing the spirit of the 19th National Congress, Bao Cube International Hotel held 119 fire drills

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  In order to further strengthen the flexibility of hotel staff to respond to emergencies, cultivate employees' awareness of fire protection, enable employees to master more specific methods of self-rescue, escape and evacuation, and create a good fire safety environment, November 9, 2017 Bao Cube The International Hotel held a "119" fire drill on the first floor of the South Gate of the Baocuo Center.

  At the beginning of the drill, the Chinese kitchen found an open flame and the rapid alarm sounded. The rescue team immediately opened the fire hydrant to enable the fire-fighting equipment to go to the fire point, and the evacuation group organized the nearby staff to carry out the orderly evacuation. Under the evacuation organization, the staff grabbed the nose and mouth, bent over, and held the stair railings, and quickly and orderly evacuated to the first floor. Then the fire chief commander quickly reported the entire team and counted the number to the leader. The leaders summarized the site and introduced the specific measures of fire prevention and self-rescue knowledge to all employees, demonstrated the use of dry powder fire extinguishers on site, and let the employees operate one by one.

Figure: Emergency evacuation

Figure: Rescue Group Rescue

Figure: Simulating fire, extinguishing

  The fire department of the Ministry of Security demonstrates the use of fire extinguishers and fire suppression. Subsequently, the employees practiced the use of fire extinguishers under the guidance of the Ministry of Security, so as to prevent the "burning".

Figure: Simulating a field fire extinguisher

Figure: Staff on-site fire extinguisher use drill

  In this exercise, all employees' attitudes, solidarity and cooperation, and close cooperation have not only enhanced the escape skills and ambulance awareness of all employees, but also effectively promoted the hotel's awareness of safety responsibility and the establishment of safe work.